Their eyes shine in the moon’s light as they fight. Their movements are fluid, smooth, and predatory. Lean, taunt muscles lay beneath different colors of fur and sharp incisors are visible beneath black gums. Blood spatters over their beautiful coats and color the ground red as they snap, tear, and wound each other.

Fur standing on end, you approach the two groups as they pause and separate as they take notice of your presence. Two pairs of eyes stand out to you and unnerve you. Both seemed to draw the respect out of you without your consent as you lower your head and tuck your tail between your legs. Power radiated from them both, and you’re unsure whether it was the large, dark grey male with golden eyes, or the black female with bright green eyes that had the strongest air to them. They both stood across from each other, and large groups of other wolves and Werelings in human forms stand on each side behind them. All of their eyes bore into you and you stop as you stand before the two obvious leaders.

Your muscles tense and they begin to shake as your wolf side slowly draws you towards one side, your true nature, good or evil, slowly reveals itself as you make your decision. Which side will you choose? Will you choose the path of light and good? Or the path of dark and evil?

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The Ice Spirit Scared of Ghosts

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1 The Ice Spirit Scared of Ghosts on Wed Jun 26, 2013 12:31 am

She looked scared at her surroundings. Was this place really looking all white and black? What the hell? Hikami took a long breath and tried to calm down. She was acting like an idiot. She had been in lots of forest before and she was scared by this one? “This one has nothing different from the others. Is just a simple fucking forest like any other...” Her words didn’t make the slight difference into her fast beating heart. She swallowed hard and smelled the air, trying to find one familiar smell. She needed to get out of here. The smell of other werewolves and... death, just made his stomach to flinch. How the hell did she ended up here anyway? A big owl made this horrible sound and took flight over her head, making her heart moved quickly to her throat. She shifted quickly into her wolf form. She felt safer that way. Maybe with fangs and claws she could do something.
A cold wind moved along her neck, making the hairs of her back to lift. She walked slowly through the tall trees, always looking at her back for anyone or anything. Her gold eyes wide open as she tried to swallow her heart again. She turned her white head to the right and her heart just felt to the ground. A very, very, scary and abandoned cabin appeared some feet away from her. The wind moving through the open windows making a howling sound that froze her entire body. He could handle everything, any kind of animal, person, wereling, place, thing, whatever. But insects and ghost were her main weakness. The memory of the girl of the movie ‘The Ring’ came into her head, making everything worse. She hated so much that movie and her big brother made her watch it when she was just 10 years old. She stood quiet, afraid that any noise would make anything appear before her eyes. Hikami started moving backwards, never losing the cabin from her sight. Shit! Shit! Shit!!!!! She hated here so much! ‘Relax Kam. There are no things like ghosts or dark girls coming from water wheels. Be afraid of the living, not the dead.’ Zafrina tried to calm her shivering but that didn’t helped that all. ‘I can handle everything alive, there I have a chance, but not against a spirit!’ Hikami thought back. ‘Your own last name means ‘spirit’! You are a werewolf for God sake!’ She ignored her words and kept moving, very slowly. Her heart still pounding hard in her throat and every organ and muscle itched inside her.

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2 Re: The Ice Spirit Scared of Ghosts on Wed Jun 26, 2013 1:58 am

The massive dark form moved through the shadows. The wolf stood at ten and a half feet tall with dark, smoky gray fur with swirls of light gray flowing through it like it was made of smoke and shadows itself. Two blazing golden eyes rested upon the beast's head, both filled with intelligence and strength. Power radiated from the beast in waves, enough power to cause any near to scurry away in fear and enough to make centuries of Werelings bow before him. Muscles bunched and released as he moved, his tail and head raised high in the dominant way of an Alpha.

That alertness of his territory in his mind had alerted him to a presence on his land, a presence he didn't recognize. He couldn't get any other information than that from his Alpha powers, but he would soon know whether it was girl or boy, enemy or friend. That would have to wait though. Gabriel had been out in the woods to relax after having accepted more members. It was mating season, and the males in his pack were more aggressive, trying to steal his position as Alpha. So Gabriel was extra dominant during this time of year, not allowing anyone to slip in their duties or be disrespectful towards a higher rank. The females were also starting to wear on his nerves, always trying to gain his affections. It wasn't that the smell of their heat didn't interest him and cause his heart to race in desire, but Gabriel had never been one that liked being controlled, and he'd get his Alpha Female when he wanted to, not when a season made his head blurry.

A scent wafted on the air and he was suddenly able to pin point the location of the new Wereling. He started in the direction of the cabin and slowed as his eyes easily picked up the figure of a white form backing away. Silently he entered her mind with detection and he made sure she didn't mean them harm, but didn't go no further, leaving her memories and other private thoughts to herself. That was all he needed as he changed back into his human skin. Now he stood at an unusual six feet twelve inches. Brown hair covered his head and his face was handsome with his wolf's sharp golden eyes. He held himself with pride and power still radiated thickly from him. Moving with the stealth of a predator he circled around to where she was backing up. Raising his hands to show her he wasn't armed he said, "Easy little wolf, easy. I'm Gabriel Braveheart, Alpha of these lands. I promise no harm will come to you here. Are you seeking something?" This time instead of going into her mind he pulled her into his, allowing her to see he meant no harm before carefully pushing her out and blocking his mind from hers once more. Silently he waited his golden eyes bright in the dim woods.

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3 Re: The Ice Spirit Scared of Ghosts on Wed Jun 26, 2013 4:01 am

She tried to calm down, moving her chest as she tried to breathe again. She just needed to get out of here and everything would be excellent. Just some kilometers away from here… The white wolf tried to keep moving away from the old scary cabin, looking at every direction for anything near her. Just as she tried to relax, a human figure appeared before her golden eyes. Hikami gave a loud yowl and jumped backwards, every white hair in her body standing up like filled with electricity. Her eyes looked at the male again, making sure it was not a ghost, at the same time that she tried to take her heart from the floor and place it inside her chest again. Hikami took a deep breath and repeated his words inside her head in an attempt to focus. Alpha? God! She was just going to insult him for scaring the hell out of her but now she could just maintain speechless before him. Her white ears moved to the back against her skull as her head lowered in respect. Suddenly her mind moving inside his and she could see his intentions for a brief moment. Relaxing, she started filling safer with him around. She had never being scared of anyone, not even the darkest alphas that crossed her way, but ghost where a different thing, even when she knew they didn’t exist.
The white wolf of 8.5 feet shifted into her 5 feet human self. White blonde short hair covering her face as her head was still down. Her thin figure looking weak but hiding great boldness and courage. She lifted her head slowly to reveal her same gold eyes as when she was a wolf. “I’m sorry, for being in your lands. Emm… yes. Actually, just to get out of this place, it’s pretty scaring.” She remembered she hadn’t even introduced herself. “I’m Hikami Seishin, daughter of the Alpha Serac Seishin in Alaska. I decided to leave my pack and start traveling to know the world this last years, but lastly I feel a little alone and I heard near the city that there was a pack near here. I tried to follow the scent and ended here. I’m sorry if I disturbed you, I will not cause any troubles to you or your pack Alpha Gabriel.” She didn’t have any afraid of him, she had deal with many alphas before, including her dad, but respect was humility was a whole different thing. Alpha of these lands? Maybe this was the pack she heard, but if he wanted her to leave, she wasn’t going to object.

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4 Re: The Ice Spirit Scared of Ghosts on Thu Jul 04, 2013 9:38 pm

Gabriel, seeing that the female wasn't going to bolt, lowered his hands and relaxed. He still retained a dominant posture, his head held high and his eyes boldly meeting hers. Power washed off of him in waves, but it could either be a comfort to friends, or something to trigger fear within an enemy. Crossing his arms over his chest the broad chested male stroked the stubble on his chin and slowly nodded. "I can either lead you out of these lands, or if your words are true, you're more then welcome to stay the night at my den, or join if you wish. Any Wereling is welcome within the Braveheart Pack." A strong wind rushed by and Gabriel's head went back as he looked at the sky. Thick, roiling, storm clouds were passing over and the fresh smell of rain hit his nostrils just as thunder lit the clouds above. The sound was like the growl of a beast and Gabriel smiled. The land was a little dry right now, and he'd began to worry there would be a drought.

Turning to the female he tilted his head and seemed to consider the situation. "Seeing as there is a storm arriving, what choice would you like? Stay the night, or remain with us? I'm afraid I'm going to have to ask though, if you want to join, would you be willing to lay your own life down for a pack mate, for family?" His golden eyes were cutting as he studied her, his Alpha Senses tasting her personality. Looking back to the sky, a single drop of rain landed on his face and ran down his cheek.

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5 Hikami on Fri Jul 05, 2013 3:57 pm

She maintained quiet waiting for his reply, hoping he will not want her to leave his lands. Her eyes looking slightly down in respect and sometimes going up again to meet his gaze, trying to understands all the power emanating from his big body. Her chest expanded with warmth and happiness when his words reached her ears. He gold eyes shone as she looked to his own with a slight smile crossing her lips, as she tried to remain mature and relaxed in front of him. "Thank you Alpha, I would love to accept your invitation to join you pack, if you are sure of your decision. I don't want to leave anything in the air that could then turn into a misunderstanding. Any question or doubt you can have, please let me know. I will be happy to tell you everything you need to trust me."

She looked at the same direction as him and smiled looking at the gray sky. She loved the rain and cloudy days just like this one. She took a deep breath filling her lungs with the lively smell of water and fresh weather. Her head turned to look at him again as he spoke. 'Giving her life? Of course! Everyone I consider my family or my friend has my full protection, no matter the cost.' Zafrina woke to warn her slightly. 'You need to be a bit more suspicions and wary my friend. You don't know more about him or his pack, rather what he just say. Not everyone deserves your life Kam.'

Hikami thought a little about her words before replying, her voice confident and decided. "I will give my life to anyone that recognizes me and has my trust, but I will always see a pack as a family, no matter who conforms it. I will be glad to work under your command and along your comrades if you accept me." She waited patiently for him. She could feel he had a good heart and a strong soul. Bad decisions in her past made her loose good friends, or actually, made her put her trust in someone that just stepped on it and sent it to the trash. After that she learned to have patience and have an open mind but a more closed heart. Now it was a bit more difficult for others to move into her life and know her secrets. Because of that, she was usually cynical and cold to others at first, just to test them, and herself, but if anyone gain her trust, they also gained her protection and friendship forever, no matter what.

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6 Re: The Ice Spirit Scared of Ghosts on Fri Jul 26, 2013 2:09 pm

~Seeing Gabriel has not been on to post recently, I'll take over this shin-dig.

An ashen furred brute rose up from behind a cabin once he had heard the pretty little blonde's truth to trust. His Alpha had beaten him it seems, for it was her captivating fumes that blurred his attention and brought him here. Mating season was all of what he could think that could lead him to the fine female, but the matter still rest at bay as to who he would claim his for life. He eyes the female with his icy stare, examining her human form like a precious gem that was rare to man-kind. Alexander, being the only male to of flirted with any other of his race through passing events of the same year and seasons, he had yet to meet the love of his life, and he sure to Hell wouldn't give up to find his rightful prize to win him over. The long life was lonely, yes, though he wished dearly to find a woman that saw passed his brute features and drunken attitude, maybe start a family if she wanted. He sighed slowly, doubtfully at the idea of every finding that 'her'. His Alpha had not replied for sometime, and he began to feel that he was deciding to run her off his lands, if he did, there was nothing he could do about it but watch. Instead, as he gained the confidence to move, he padded his way over next to the pair, remaining his dominant stance as the Elite he was and is with his held held high and posture straightened, keeping it less dominant than his leader's out of respect.

Shifting, he stood to be close to six feet and three inches tall, being short compared to the Alpha was strange to his taste though it didn't phase his opinion on the man for he was a splendid and hard working-man like himself. The male wore nothing more than a pair of ripped jeans and a black T-shirt, his tattoos easily revealed across his arms and collarbones, hair a swirl of a mess like always, meshed with shades of reds, browns and blondes. He smiled kindly to her, taking lightly of her hand and kissing the back of it after opening his mind to her to show he meant no harm, "Elite Alexander Reese Jr, love, and may it be a pleasure of meeting your acquaintance. Hikami, is it not? Call me what you like, but I prefer Alex or A.J. for short." Alexander's wolf, Jasper howled from the back of his mind at the sight of the lovely fae before him, being only to be pushed back by his own body and relaxing himself before it got out of hand. 'Really, Jas?!' Alexander played in his mind, speaking in a low whisper even though he knew the rest wouldn't here, 'She's beautiful, Alex, how could you not see that? And if she's being honest, maybe you could get to like her too. I know what you see, and its definitely not her looks. She's an Alpha daughter, born with strength and a great mind. Maybe if you become her friend, she could teach you a thing or two.' He wolf smirked, only causing Alex to rear back and send a glare to his wolf in order to silence him back to where he slept.

Never before had Jasper said such things, if anything, he only spoke when there was danger in the air, or if Alexander was in need of help and wasn't conscious enough to do it. Remaining composed and collected next to his Alpha's side, he looked to Hikami with shining icy blue eyes, noticing the amount of light in the sky for which it was about to rain. "There is no need to explain yourself anymore, if you're true to your word, I'd be more than welcomed to walk you back to the cabin, if that is what you wish, love." His voice was a low, whimsical tone as it had come to be a greater day that evening, slurs of his English origin accenting the hints of his voice along with it as he spoke, "Storms are rolling in and time is quickening on its clock, as much as I love this type of weather, it creates colds. We don't want you getting sick, now do we?" Alexander gave he a cocky, playful smile as he moved to her side, holding out his arm and looking to his Alpha with an assertive nod, waiting for her decision to accompany him back home.


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7 Re: The Ice Spirit Scared of Ghosts on Sun Jul 28, 2013 5:47 pm

She looked at another wolf coming from behind the alpha, like coming from that scary house. She really hoped she wasn’t looking at a ghost that once lived there. The hairs in the back of her neck lifting up, her breathing stopping as she looked attentively to the brown wolf. When he was just a few feet away, he noticed his pelt was of various shades of browns, grays, and reds. His chest expanding and contracting when he breathed. ‘Thank God. He is alive.’ She surprised a laugh for her own stupidity and scare to such things. Breathing normally again she kept looking at him as he shifted, his features transforming in ones of a man. ‘He is... handsome...’  Zafrina’s voice interrupted her thought. She usually said to be careful because all the men she had known always had bad intentions with her, wanting just her body for just one night stand. She had made the mistake to trust some of them, acting all charming and respectful and then taking her strongly, trying to drag her to bed. She had a short tempter with those idiots and quickly shifted to end their life, preventing them to do the same thing to other girls. Always making them look at a white wolf bigger than them making their hearts stop slowly and painfully. She could be very sadistic to the ones she wanted to see on a grave, or not even that, just inert over the ground. The problem is that anyone ever took the time to know her to find that caring and protecting side she had reserved for someone to call friend. Just her family and pack knew that side, but she hadn’t seen them in years now.
She tensed slightly with his touch, acting like a true gentleman to her, just like all the other men she had killed. Just that he was different; he was a werewolf and one to be careful of. She didn’t know his abilities but he was sure much older than her, and that affected a lot during a fight. What if he wanted to hurt her like the other? She looked at him serious and distrustful, taking a look to the Alpha just to make sure she could be calmed around him, but her trust will be hard to achieve. Respectively she lowered her head slightly, not losing his icy blue eyes, her mouth a straight line as she pulled her hand slowly to rest at her side again, standing tall in front of him, even when he was more than one feet taller than her, but her size was never a problem, she learned to take good advantage on that. “Yes, Hikami Seishin, but you can call me Kam if you like. I don’t know if it’s a pleasure yet, mister. You don’t know me at all...” ‘Or what we capable to do if anyone try to hurt us...’ Hikami and Zafrina whispered together. Her British accent surrounding each word, just like his.
Her eyes changed, turning bold and daring, a half smile in her face. “I appreciate you offer, Alex, but I love this weather as well. From where I come there is just snow, so I love when I can see and feel the cold rain over my skin. I will accompany you to that cabin in a bit, or you could leave if you wish. I don’t want to retain here and get wet because of me. It will not be hard to follow your scent later.” She smiled at him again, more calmed than before. Turning to face the Alpha again, lowering her head and half body in respect. “It was a pleasure Alpha Gabriel, please call me if you request my help or just want more information, I will go visit you in the next days if you permit me. Just to discuss some things.” She wanted to know if she could be able to be a Delta in the future. The most important thing for her was protection. Protect the ones she cared and respected. The, her, Alpha now, and her new pack. Or maybe she could ask that to Alex, if she was able to make him trust her. He was the Elite after all. She straightened again and turned to walk some meters away from that creepy house. She wanted to feel the rain as he said but not in this dark and scary place. Maybe somewhere closer to the pack’s main den. Turning again she faced the male with ashamed and nervous gold eyes. She hated to ask something, anything, to anyone. She felt dependent again, dumb. “Hey... sorry but, do you know a territory closer to the cabin? Opened and natural haha.” She felt so idiot now... ‘open and natural’. What was that? God she was stupid. She closed her eyes and shook her head with a sorry smile and turned again. “Sorry, forget I asked.” She started walking away, thinking how she will be able to find the cabin by herself. She will get lost for sure, but she preferred that than to act like a stupid in front of anyone. She turned for the last time to look at him with a smile, not stopping her walk as she kept moving backwards. She wanted to say goodbye or something, maybe just ‘nice to meet you’ but she couldn’t say anything, most of all because a part of her wanted him to follow her, but she was not going to say anything she could regret later, making her feel more stupid than now. Still with her smile she turned again to look at the forest, walking away from the cabin to who know where.

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8 Re: The Ice Spirit Scared of Ghosts on Wed Aug 14, 2013 11:24 am

He smiled at her, slowly walking closely behind to catch her by the wrist, "Wait.." A slight chuckle rose after his words, turning her around to meet his icy stare and standing at a small distance to speak to her normally without using as much dominance, regulating it to a smaller amount so she would feel comfortable. Rain started to pour, drip by dainty drip onto his shoulders and head, watching her with the same cocky grin as he looked at her like as if he didn't even notice the rain. "The rain does not bother me at all, love. I'm from London, there is never enough rain there so I am easily adapted to this nature as well as you might be. You do not have to go wondering out all alone at this hour, it is falling late, and if we don't hurry, you won't be ready for dinner with the others. And I'm not taking no for an answer," Instead of lacing his fingers through hers, he leaned in closer, almost to kiss her but only a slight tease as he grabbed her by the waist and picked her up over his shoulder, he light-feathered weight not one bit holding him down.

"You see, I'm a stubborn man, one to believe it is not others should not walk away from their fears, to instead face them. And from what I see, is that you are only avoiding them further if you walk away, not only from the Elite, but also the Alpha." He gave a slight wink to the silent Alpha, seeing the smirk and humor rising in the man's golden eyes as he watched the pair. "I would like to get to know you, miss, I would, but if you're just going to keep walking away, then there is no chance for me to change that. I am persistent with things and like to keep a mild schedule of things that have to do with my day, if one were to fail, I'd be a mess." Alexander kept her trapped in his arms over his shoulder, slowly letting her light down to stand before him as his hands smoothed down to cup her ribs and smile down at her. "Please, Ms. Seishin, would you give me the honor of letting me find out who this wonderful dame is and what she has under her sleeves? You are a young wereling, coming from a long ways and probably are in need of help with some things. I could train you to fight better, hunt quicker, take out enemies when they're not watching, but all I'm asking is, would you give me a chance?" It's not every day I meet someone more beautiful than any girl in the world...


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9 Re: The Ice Spirit Scared of Ghosts on Wed Aug 14, 2013 7:37 pm

Freezing entirely as he took her waist, she looked at his eyes quietly. They were so blue! With light inside them like two balls of ice filled with history and secrets. They reminded her about the ice lakes around her father’s territory she loved to walk and slide along them. Returning to reality she looked away to concentrate in his words, feeling it was already raining, unaware of it before, too distracted with his eyes. Suddenly she felt he was underestimating her. Her eyes grew wide and his mouth opened unable to make a sound as he leaned closer, to close... As she started to pull away and return that vital and normal space between two beings, he lifted her thin body over his shoulder. “Hey! What the...” Before she could discuss anything, he started talking again. Anger growing inside her with the sudden confidence he just had. She wasn’t used to being lifted or touched by anyone, less males. She had bad experiences before with males that just wanted to touch her and take advantage, believing she was a defenseless and weak girl. She wanted to jump away and start yelling to him but he was right, he was the Elite male and if she wanted to be in that pack, respect was one of the most important things right now. Biting her tongue she waited, hearing his words.
‘Walk away from my fears? What the hell?! He doesn’t know anything. What fear?!’ The only fear she had was of ghost and that horrible house behind them, she thought bitterly. ‘Know me? Well, nice way to start, brute...’ She tensed her every muscle and when she was about to jump away from him, he finally put her down. His touch just making it worse as her mind confused itself. She liked him, but he was too confident and at some point presumptuous. His words relaxed her, but not entirely. He was really underestimating her abilities, her wolf, and herself. When he finished she moved away, taking his arms and removing them from her frame and she looked serious at him.
“I’m sorry Elite Alexander, I don’t want to sound disrespectful or anything, but I think I will change that schedule of yours. I’m not someone that goes along a planned schedule, at the contrary, I do almost everything spontaneous and when the time asks for it. You wanted to know me, well, this is what I hide under my sleeves.” She tried to relax a bit and try to not sound angry or offended, but she was, and one of her problems was that she always said what she felt in the moment, what she thought and wanted. “And for the record, maybe I could be the one that could teach you a thing or two. I’m young but not a helpless pup lost in her search for a place to fit in after no one valued me before.” ‘Hikami!’ She stopped realizing half of what she just said was true. Swallowing she looked down noticing she was being an idiot with him and truly disrespectful to her superior. “My apologies Elite.” Sighing she closed her eyes and lowered her head. She just hoped she didn’t pull his nerves out and make him angry at her. She had been so long a loner, doing what she wanted, she forgot she was inside a pack again, with ranks and rules. Was... After now she wasn’t sure if that was going to last.

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10 Re: The Ice Spirit Scared of Ghosts on Fri Aug 23, 2013 8:46 pm

Alexander raised his brows at her sudden act of confidence, finding the presence of his Alpha only a few feet away disappearing into the background like as if he weren't even really there. He was a silent as a crouching tiger, built of bronze and lean muscle given from his British ancestors, knowing full well as he smirked that she was just going to keep this against him. He cared not of what she thought about him, never would since he knew the opinions of pretty girls like her towards drunks like him. Never in nature would they attract, so his doubts worsened, keeping a silly amused expression on his face till she finished. In the position of the Elite, one would think he had matured, and he did, but he would always be the same Alexander everyone knew. Hikami was of the few to spark his attention, observing her now as if she were helpless in her rank of a common warrior, he tilted his head at the sudden idea of reprimanding her in front of his Alpha just for show. She's a feisty little thing, ain't she, Jas? Weird as it may seem for him to be communicating with his innerself, that didn't stop his wolf from chuckling like him back and nodding in agreement. That she is, Alexander, hopefully we'll be seeing this little numba' around the house, wouldn't you agree? She surely has been trained, though her other self is not as... controlling as I may be in my works. I'd expect someone like her to keep herself in line towards our greater rank... Shall we teach her the ways around here? Once his wolf was finished, Alexander could almost feel Jasper's eyes on him, breathing down his neck like a strange man would in order to get what he wanted. He had gone through too many of those experiences and wasn't afraid to say it as one of his stories around others for they have probably gone through the same.

As much as he wanted to speak some sense in the blonde, he simply shrugged it off, agreeing that he could be taught a few new tricks she had to offer, loving the idea that maybe she and him could train together. The Elite female was taken, yes, but the Betas have now gone, and there was always room for promotions when the time came. He was a friend to all that was respectful and understanding to him, wondering if the female were any different or somehow a path to his future in the right direction. Alex smiled softly, nodding his head and bowing slightly before standing straight again, the flow of natural common dominance to fall off his shoulders in an eerie invisible fog, "There are no need for apologies, love, for I'd believe that I should be the one speaking my sorries to you. I had not meant to underestimate you or offend you in anyway, however, it would be helpful if you don't go wandering alone. The full moon is nearing, and we are to stay by one's side for protection now-of-days with all the sudden disruptions we've been seeing as of lately. As your Elite, I would like to ask you permission to walk with me back to the house before colds arise from the lack of warmth in the air. If we don't hurry, not only will we miss dinner for the pack, but we'll become quite sick and unable to train together." He flashed a smile as he said the word 'together', tilting his head at her with a cocky stance as he knew she would be suspicious of what he was trying to do. The icy stare of his gazing deeply into her fiery golden hues, proud of his choice of words when speaking to perfection like her, "These... sleeves of yours, love, are quite interesting, and I would be very pleased to see what else is under them. I'm probably older than you, as I have seen from experience, but who said you can't teach an old dog new tricks?" He shrugged, "It's not everyday someone like you walks into our lands and just, leaves to go off adventuring. Alone?" Alexander shook his head, turning around and nodding his head towards the darkness as his hair became soaked from the falling rain, coincidentally having lightning flash in the reflection of his glacier ice eyes at the same time when he looked back at her. "Please, Hikami, may I walk you to the place we call home? It's required to meet the members you'll be working with anyway, and tonight the Omegas are grilling up some deer meat hunted from our Warriors, Elite Melissa and I earlier today." He gave her a pleading gaze, pursing his lips into a friendly smile as he held out his hand for her to take, then bending it to hold out his arm instead if she felt uncomfortable about holding his hand.


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11 Re: The Ice Spirit Scared of Ghosts on Sun Sep 01, 2013 10:55 pm

Lifting her sigh again she looked suspiciously into his eyes, trying to know his real intentions. He was acting like... such a gentleman and... he was really handsome... Quickly she looked away, trying to not think about him that way. He made the same mistake once, and it turned like hell after she trusted him. Sighing she buried the thought of her past inside her and locked them with several chains and locks. Looking back at him serious and decided, keeping in mind she needed to be respectful to her superior. If he wanted her trust, he will need to work for it.
'Train together? Yeah, sure... Maybe I could sink my fangs into you a bit...' She thought, trying to focus and act as coldly and hateful as she could, even when his every word made her melt even with the cold rain and air around her. She blushed very slightly when he talked about ‘her sleeves’, most for the shame she felt as she had been so disrespectful. ‘I am better alone than with bad company, handsome...’ she thought again, making sure to not say anything harsh to him again. Okay, at least he was asking her and saying ‘please’. She looked at his hand waiting for her and worked very hard to not melt again, preventing a smile to appear in her face and turning it into a sigh as she took his hand with her cold one and stated walking with him, not wanting to say anything as she didn’t know exactly what to feel or say. His hold eyes hard as she looked at him, really hoping he wasn’t like all the other assholes who wanted something from her.

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