Their eyes shine in the moon’s light as they fight. Their movements are fluid, smooth, and predatory. Lean, taunt muscles lay beneath different colors of fur and sharp incisors are visible beneath black gums. Blood spatters over their beautiful coats and color the ground red as they snap, tear, and wound each other.

Fur standing on end, you approach the two groups as they pause and separate as they take notice of your presence. Two pairs of eyes stand out to you and unnerve you. Both seemed to draw the respect out of you without your consent as you lower your head and tuck your tail between your legs. Power radiated from them both, and you’re unsure whether it was the large, dark grey male with golden eyes, or the black female with bright green eyes that had the strongest air to them. They both stood across from each other, and large groups of other wolves and Werelings in human forms stand on each side behind them. All of their eyes bore into you and you stop as you stand before the two obvious leaders.

Your muscles tense and they begin to shake as your wolf side slowly draws you towards one side, your true nature, good or evil, slowly reveals itself as you make your decision. Which side will you choose? Will you choose the path of light and good? Or the path of dark and evil?

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Escape The Fate

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1 Escape The Fate on Thu Jun 20, 2013 7:22 pm

Saturday was their busiest day out of the week, and judging by the amount of people tonight, it was easily deciphered as probably the busiest night out of the year. Now that summer was in complete session, the bar was attracting travelers and tourism every night. Not that it was unexpected, but with the more people piling it, it would be harder to please let alone shut them up when he stepped onto that stage. For a change, he left his guitar comfortable backstage instead of on his back, watching the mortals file inside as he sits at the bar with the Beta female, Teimhnin behind it. She looked as stunning as the day he met her and nothing more. Luckily for her, he was able to give her a ride to work. They'd become friends that first day, receiving help in the time of need in order to fill his rusted chevy out back. His pack members had told him to just buy a new one but he refused due to the memories and great times he held with that car. Nothing could replace it, nor could his guitar. He smiled, taking a drink from his glass before tapping the end of the bar for her attention. "Show time in 8. Wish me luck, Red." And with that, he lazily saluted her with his index and middle finger, swaggering back to move in the back room.

She hadn't seen him preform before, which caused him to feel on edge, but something about their surroundings disturbed him as well. However, there were no other shifters in the area, just him and her. Alexander maneuvered his hard body through the tight space covered in wires, control panels and music instruments. He remembered to his first day on tripping over the wires and making a fool of himself, which eventually gave his boss a nickname for himself known as Goofy. Alex never enjoyed the name, but it was his boss, he couldn't do anything about it considering he was the one that gave the shifter his paycheck. He sighed, finally reaching the end of the tunnel to his guitar case. Unzipping it, he lifted the beautiful instrument by its slender staff, carefully supporting the back with his other. "Hello, darlin'," His hand reached into the back of his ripped jean's pocket, slipping out a custom-made dark red guitar pick with his brother's name tattooed in cursive on it. Between his fingers he flipped it around, throwing it up into the air and catching it again. Through the opening of both curtains, he protectively watched over Teimhinin, knowing he'd do anything for his pack's Beta if something were to of gone wrong or just a small errand. It was his duty and promise to devoting his life to Bravehearts. And for a female, his life would rather be risked then theirs.


Character(s): Alphess Noctavia, Doctor Vitani
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2 Re: Escape The Fate on Fri Jun 21, 2013 12:18 am

This job had proved just as promising as Alex had said it would be. Him giving her rides was a bonus, he drove too fast and his music was too loud. It was oddly peaceful to her when she spent time with her best friend. He was like an older brother to her, just without the sibling rivalry. Tonight she wanted big tips, but with big tips came scandalous clothing. Her black tube top clung to her every curve and her black jeans were just a bit too tight. Darky makeup surrounded her eyes, making the silver of them pop. Her hair was up in a mess of a ponytail. The beta got good tips if she dressed more slutty, but now she covered herself whenever she could. Normally she'd play with the other males, but not for the past week. She served drinks and got plenty of whistles as she talked with him until it was showtime. "Good luck, buddy. Rock that crowd." Tie grabbed a rag from the back and wiped down the bar counter, priding herself in the small relaxation. Having a human job was so easy, and she enjoyed it. The couples in the corners caught her eye, making her smile at how affectionate they were.  She carried two beers to one of the couples, walking away quickly to respect their privacy. Some single men thought it would be nice to grab her ass, but a quick twist of their wrists gave them a better idea. Tei didn't mind these small tasks at all, in fact she found them amusing. How they were all so human.

When Alex stepped onto the stage, Tei turned her head to look at him. Something didn't feel right to her somehow tonight, but it never did when a full moon was close. She swung onto a bar stool to watch him perform, occasionally going to get drinks for the customers. They all seemed to be curious at what Alex was going to perform. The men were probably expecting something that put them in a mood, while the women were wishing for a heart melting song. The beta female had never seen him sing or play his guitar and this made her curious. The redhead nodded to him as their eyes connected, encouraging him to play.

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3 Re: Escape The Fate on Fri Jun 21, 2013 2:23 am

The brute of great power and little temper zoomed down the road in the cherry red Chrysler 300 he had received only a month before his encounter with the unknown pack of which the Beta he had comed to know came from. Behind his eyes lies the taste for revenge in his love's death, and deep within his mind swirled combinations of torturing the fae in anyway possible. It hadn't been hard to find him either. Like normal, he was stuck at the office filling out paperwork on his next defendant for court, until a knock came to his door with a group of men saying the Beta female had killed his love, Collette. That night we was going to ask her to be his mate, the ring was left away into it's velvet box in his room since that day. At first, he did not believe the other shifters, but when he returned back to his room, the brute checked hers first, noticing it was unlocked and it was completely empty. He had asked several others of his pack if they had seen her but all they said was she had been gone all day. Tears streamed down his face, the most he had ever cried in all his years of living once he headed to the shifter's meeting place. They had convinced him into taking on their plans of revenge as well. He accepted it, but only to prevail Collette's death. If he died, it would not matter because he would end up with Collette forever like they planned.

With the right corrections, he found the bar she had been working on late nights at along with another Braveheart he wished not to meet. Probably just another low-life you can't get a job anywhere else but the skummy run-down hoot in the middle of nowhere land. Garrett put on a fake face, fixing his tie after shutting the door to his car. Sand and loose gravel make his footsteps crumble and crack under his shoes. A line of tourists stood outside the entrance, but he held no patience for a time like this. He liked his work done ahead of everything, quick and easy so he has extra time to relax and enjoy what he receives in return. The bouncer, a masculine man who stood merely close to a few inches than he, stopped Garrett by the shoulder. Ryan stirred inside, flashing specks of red and orange ambers in his hazel seductive eyes. Out of his front chest pocket, the shifter pulled a fifty bill, feeling the bouncer's hand move away before him. Rambunctious noises and sounds filled the room as well as the familiar scent of a female he was looking for and another Braveheart that smelt of male deodorant. 

A growl rumbled in his throat, however it was soon replaced with slow amounts of breathing to calm his trapped forsaken rage of both the beast and his love for Cole. Hazel hues darted across the room in search for the redhead, spotting the firecracker red almost simultaneously as the strumming of a quitar began to play. He looked away to see a shifter like himself standing center stage practicing before starting up the song he had yet to preform for the impatient crowd around them all. He could not make a scene, so he remained calm and collected like he always did. Working his way around the tables, he finally reached the long dark wooden bar where the beta female returned to her postion on a bar stool. Garrett did not wish to stay and have a drink, but he did steal a shot of whiskey from a couple that were far into their fits of kisses and tongue ties. His heart ached as he imagined the man as him with his beloved blonde beauty wrapped in his arms and kissing till the sun came up the next morning. To relieve the images, he tilt his head back and lapped down the bitter alcohol with one gulp, slamming it down to get her attention. "Hello Miss Teimhinin. So nice to see you again," With his sweetest and friendly wave over, he grinned charmingly to his own surprise. "I was just passing through from work and saw this place, thought I'd grab a drink." The noise grew louder with an applaud to the audience as the man readied to play. He waited for the hands to die down but gave up. "Its kinda loud in here, mind if we go outside and chat? I'd love to hear of what all you've been up to lately." 

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4 Re: Escape The Fate on Fri Jun 21, 2013 12:14 pm

The male shifter moved forwards from the back, only to hear the creaks of wooden planks beneath his feet with every step and soon came the applaud of all strangers. Guitar in hand, pick in mouth, he used his free hand to adjust the micro phone to its original stance to match the level of his mouth. Alex's eyes glistened glacier blue over the crowd as he tuned his beloved instrument, a wide smile to see so many people came to hear him play anda drink or two from Teimhnin. He knew for sure tonight would be different from the rest, so he decided to make the best of after finding the most perfect song to impress her with. Not for love, no, that would ruin everything between them, but nothing is wrong with proving to a friend he is talented after all and not just a drunk Englishmen. The brute leaned closer the mic, waving to the crowd for them to die down to speak, "Hey guys, um.." He chuckled back his excitement as the strangers began to clap again, catching the eye of a pretty girl towards the front tables. "Thank you for waiting, I'm a little impatient myself the honest." With his keen sense of hearing he heard small laughs from around the room before continuing. "Um.. I'd like to dedicate this song to my best friend. She helped me a lot and I owe her one, so..hear goes..." Over the shaft, he graced his fingers around the end, holding down the strings and then moving his other hand to wrap around the base. Putting out the sentimental pick from his mouth, he stroked it to the six free strings while the other held down parts of the shaft of strings above to start off the first few notes. He watched his fingers strum along, secretly counting the beats until it was time to begin singing. Alex took a relieving breath as he leaned forwards to the mic, mouth a gape, happily played. The crowd went silent. 

"And I'd give up forever to touch you.. 
Cause I know that you feel me somehow.. 
Your the closest to heaven, that I'll ever be
and I don't want to go home right now..."

His body moved the the rythme of the song, patting with the bottom of palm against the base of the instrument and tapping his foot slowly to keep the song in line. A smell of another waft in the room, something that held a dangerous aura, but it didn't keep him from loosing his focus. Icy eyes peered to the bar of where the scent travels, a smile still light in his eyes and at the corner of his lips. Singing the second verse, he continued onto the third, hearing the pool of strangers discuss with smiles as bright as him.

"And I don't want the world to see me..
Cause I don't think that they'd understand.
When everything's meant to be broken..
I just want you to know who I am..."

As he lingered into the instrumental part of the song, Alex pursed his lips over to the bar where he saw a man of riches and devious grin speaking with Teimhnin like they've known each other before. He worse an identical pair of jeans like him but appeared newer and more preserved, but instead of a plain black t-shirt like him, the other shifter wore a classy dress shirt and a dark red tie. Jasper growled deep within towards the other brute and started to raise his hackles in alert. This was not good he knew, but he remained calm only because he didn't want to worry anyone sitting before him nor get up from his song when he just began.


Character(s): Alphess Noctavia, Doctor Vitani
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5 Re: Escape The Fate on Fri Jun 21, 2013 2:39 pm

Her eyes were trained on him as he got onto the stage. No asked for drinks anymore, the crowd was captivated by him. He must've preformed often. Some girls came in to listen the minute they saw him, and Tei could hear them whispering his name. When he spoke all the noise quieted down so they could hear him. The fae was quite excited to watch him perform, not knowing what he had planned. As he dedicated the song to her, she smiled and clapped with the audience. Teimhnin was preparing to get up and take some last orders when a glass slammed down in front of her. At first, she didn't recognize the face. Then it all came back to her. She had sex with this man in the bathroom of rapture. "His name was Garrett.... But we preferred Ryan," her wolf spoke to her mind. Something was extra sweet about him and she remembered what she had told him. If he was looking for sex again, he wasn't going to find it anymore. Smiling sweetly, she turned to him. "Hey Garrett, how've you been? Where's Collette? I haven't seen her since that night where she left us. Can we talk after the show is over? That's my friend up there." She nodded to Alex as he started to sing, smiling at the melodic sound of his voice. He'd picked a wonderful song, one she loved.

Teimhnin hummed long with the lyrics he sang, but her wolf could tell when something was wrong with his. Garrett was of Eternal Darkness, the rival pack. He was probably one of the only ones she had befriended. Why Garrett was so close to their territory, she had no clue. Work, he'd said.

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6 Re: Escape The Fate on Fri Jun 21, 2013 4:05 pm

His gaze averted to her toned figure, studying the same curved and bone structure that was once so close to him he literally was inside her. Though its a shame to see such a woman like her do horrible things to someone that meant so much to his life. When she turned, their gaze met with her own surprised expression. The sound of slow guitar music and a whimsical voice broke their stare, but still listening to her oblivious questions as to why Collette wasn't here. "I've been better..." Ironically his words were true, if only she wouldn't be too stupid enough to either think they had split his and the blonde's relationship up or something could of happened to provoke such a disappearance of the lovely woman. "Collette's been out of town as of recently. Some say she died, but its probably only to relieve some stress. You wouldn't happen to of seen her pass through, eh?" Garrett shut his mouth shut as the canines behind his lips sharpened in increasing impatience. He had no time to listen to one of her so-called 'friend' play no matter how well he preformed with a large audience. "Very well." 

Ryan curled his lip as he caught the feeling of being watched from behind. As the warrior turned in his seat, his eyes locked with icy blue of another, giving him a cold stare in order to show him he wasn't afraid to throw a punch. Bravehearts were the least of his worries from what he's been told, and even the Alphess and some of the higher ranks themselves preferred avoiding or not giving a shit about them at all. He had tried to get the story of how packs became enemies but he has heard so many different ones its was difficult to find the original tale. Pulling the old pocket watch of his out of the pocked in his jeans, he flipped it open to reveal the time. Garrett released a sigh and put it away, slipping back on his charming smile. "Sorry, I've been trying to get back onto my sleeping routine so I don't end up falling asleep during a case. You will not believe how many times I've seen a lawyer like myself fall face first into his or her desk into a long sleep due to not sleeping at all. Work a'holics I tell ya. Hey can you get me a cold light beer, please?" He replied in a friendly yet normal tone.

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7 " on Fri Jun 21, 2013 9:38 pm

While the instrumental verse took a few minutes, he grinned, almost letting out a loud chuckle into the mic as he had managed to get the crowd to sway in their very seats. Even he started to sway a bit as he played, never missing a single note and proud of himself knowing that all the practices out in the more remote territories payed off. Alexander was one of the very few musicians that took pride in his work and let no one bother or fix it. Today, all over the globe, great singers and performers like him with a great talent could be discovered, but no one is willing to take the first step into taking a chance anymore. It had seemed so easy to dream when he was younger, to imagine something he could become someday. Alex held a glint in his icy eyes, but turned to dust once he caught the stranger's demon-like stare from across the room. His ears tuned into their conversation form which sounded like they had been friends, however Alexander knew he was here for just a chat. This was business obviously, what now? He asked himself. Nearing the mic again, he started to repeat the verse softly, 

"And I don't want the world to see me..
Cause I don't think that they'd understand....yeahh
When everything's meant to be broken..
I just want you to know who I am.....
I just want you to know who I aamm..."

With that, he strummed the last few notes and played them all together in harmony, smiling up at the crowd with bright white teeth. Just as he began to think they weren't impressed, a girl from the back hollered as she stood along with the rest of the entire room, clapping and standing all for him. He couldn't help smiling and sighing in relief. His boss in the back clapped, but his opinion never mattered since he had no taste in music but only money, the only one he knew would make him the most satisfied was hers. Alexander caught her grey eyes with the help of the color of her hair and spoke, which hushed the crowd. "Thank you everyone for coming out tonight. I hope you enjoyed, it means a lot to hear you guys liked it. And goodnight." Again they clapped as he backed away to give a slight bow and wink to the cute brunette that got his attention in the front row. She gave him a seductive smile in return, before he snuck away into the back to put away his guitar.


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8 Re: Escape The Fate on Fri Jun 21, 2013 11:41 pm

"No, I haven't seen Collette. I hope she is alright, though." Tei gave a smile to Alex, connecting her eyes with his. Little alarm bells were going off in the beta's mind, and she hoped the look in her eyes would alert Alex. The wonderful sound of his voice filled her with peace as he finished the last verses. It was hard to believe he was driving around in an old, rusty pickup and not down the streets of LA. The gambling there was great from her personal experience, but everything there moved too fast. The place she called home now was perfect, not too far away to from the places she enjoyed. When she hated the hustle and bustle, a good read in the house was amazing. She was rarely bothered out in the Braveheart territory. Beta business always come first though, but there was hardly even to take care of as of late. Her hunters were in Romania and out of her way. The little issue about vampires seemed to have died down. More importantly, she had fallen in love. The fae had been so excited, and she planned to tell Alex after work. In her bag was the newest novel she's been reading, but that wasn't important. The bookmark was, saying "Jace" in italicized cursive. 

As her friend finished, Teimhnin clapped ans whistled with everyone else. She got up from the barstool and turned to face Garrett, addressing him. "It's alright. Come with me and we can get you a nice, cold beer. In the mean time, you can tell me what you wanted to speak of." 

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9 Re: Escape The Fate on Sat Jun 22, 2013 4:22 pm

( Sorry if I ghosted Teimhnin a bit, I just wanted to get this moving along faster, I hope you won't mind. )

At last, the song was turning to an end, but Garrett had to hand it to the male shifter with the guitar, he could play, aside from the fact that he can sing too. If only places like this were discovered by higher class like him. The man wouldn't be working in such a run-down bar in the middle of no where. He could see it now, the great warrior at center stage with a crowd like this times a thousand in one stadium and a band playing behind the musician. Ladies screaming Alex's name over and over. Pathetic, he thought. The only way the kid was going to make something of himself is if a miracle were to happen like a famous record producer would magically go backstage and offer him a career. Now, the brute's luck of having that happen was a one and a thousand chance of ever happening. Besides, the other male couldn't even dress classy enough to make himself appear as charming as him. Alex was just another wasteful space of the shifter race. Judging by the aftershave and alcohol stain on his pants leg, Garrett could believe he was a drinker. The lawyer wasn't one for drinking, but not all things happen from getting drunk are all that bad. Collette had been wasted within ten minutes after they met, and it sooner lead to days filled with amazing sex he would never forget. But, that was over. And he hated Teimhnin for it of what she did to break his heart completely.

His eyes shifted to Teimhnin's grey hues, a spark of hazel in his caused by only of the images he was starting to imagine in every way possible to kill her. At he pleasing words, the man pushed back to stand, letting her weave behind the bartender with him to follow. "Please, after you, miss." Garrett smiled, holding the door for her like the gentleman he had always been, sneaking a glance around him for no one to see he was stealing away the bartender from her work. "Brilliant, Garrett.... Now you have her... take it..." Ryan growled and cackled from the depths of his wicked mind. As he followed behind her, his attention shifted to the parking lot and the road just around the corner of the building. No one was passing or around. Perfect. The chance was open, and he was more than ready to take it. "We have lots to talk about, I will not deny that. But, it seems you have something I want, Teimhnin... And I'm not happy about it..." Quickly, his large arms wrapped around her neck, jerking her back as she tried to claw at his arms. Garrett sharpened his teeth inside his mouth, refusing to kill her now since the pack wanted her there alive and breathing. Locking his one arm around her windpipe, he used the other to puncture his claws into her lower back. He grunted, waiting for her limbs to give in and loosen in his grasp.

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10 Re: Escape The Fate on Sat Jun 22, 2013 7:19 pm

With one more concerned to the stage where her friend was, she followed Garrett through the crowd of people. One man grabbed her ass and tried to pull her to him. Forgetting about her employment, Teimhnin snapped his wrist before following the other male. As she stepped out the door, the sight of no one else around made her wary. When Garrett spoke she noticed something. There was no sweet in his voice anymore. It was cold and emotionless. She replied with confusion. "I didn't steal you wallet, if that's what you're asking. I haven't seen you for about a month, so I really don't know what there is to speak about." She was choked off from speaking anymore as an arm snaked around her throat. It took her only second to process that it was Garrett, and she clawed at him for breath. As his arm squeezed tighter, she felt her lungs yearning for air. Teimhnin panicked when she felt his claws in her back, attempting to flip him with weak limbs. Her vision went foggy as her hand reached out. The beta clawed at the wall, making white marks. If someone looked hard enough, they would realize that she had clawed out words. "Find Jace", had been scratched there in jagged letters. She hoped Alex saw them as her mind went black.

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11 Re: Escape The Fate on Sat Jun 22, 2013 8:02 pm

Clicking unlock the latches to the guitar case with one hand, he used the same hand to open it up with the other to place his prized possession gently inside. A half smiled pulled his lips back as he smoothed the wood over slowly with full admiration. Alex sighed, hearing the noises behind the wall die down to a normal chat, lifting to his feet and pushing out the door to have a few teens and kids crowd around him. His eyes widened a bit as they asked him for his autograph. A little freckled-face girl moved to the front, peering up at him with bright blue eyes similar to his before asking him the same in a more patient tone. His hand ruffled her curly hair atop her head. "Alright, alright I'll sign some, but I've got stuff to do, kids." Bringing himself to one knee to match the girl at eye level, he took the little napkin from her hands and pen, writing down his name in his best hand-writing which really wasn't all that able to be read. Writing out some more, the feeling of a pack member in trouble made him drop his pen and stand to his feet. Alex quickly looked to the kids apologetically, "Sorry kids, no more." He left some with a sad expressions, snaking through the tables and nodding a thank you to those who complimented his performance as he passed.

Seeing that Teimhnin and the male in the tie was no longer at the bar, the brute pushed through the bouncer whom blocked the door with all his strength and stepped outside. Her scent led him to his left to the corner of the building where usually smokers would stand. Both her scent and the smell of cigarettes mixed into his nostrils along with the warrior male that was speaking with her. Coming closer, he saw the man's figure before the lifeless moving body in his hands. The red hair that dangled off the bodies head gave it away. Alexander charged forwards, lunging his arm into the side of the male's head with full force. "Don't you touch her!"


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12 Re: Escape The Fate on Sat Jun 22, 2013 9:51 pm

She was light in his arms, not that he had expected her to be any more heavier. Since the night they enjoyed each others gathering in Rapture's restroom, comparing to his brute strength, she was nothing but as much as a pebble in his embrace. Garrett stepped off the sidewalk to head to his car since the deed was done, but another's scent came closer, one he knew would follow. As he turned around with the body, a fist to the face came first, causing the brute to stumble back into the grass and growl as well as his wolf's side. He chuckled at the man's words as he bent down to release the body upon the grass. The shifter leaned forwards, putting up his hands and curling his four fingers to him to swing again. "This is going to be fun. Bring it on, whelp." Fighting with bare hands gave him more of the advantage, for all he knew, it was best to stay in their human shells over all since they were so close to exposing what they are to a large amount of people. 

Though his mind still ached, it didn't stop Ryan from snarling and crashing into his soul to be freed. "You incompetent fool! Let them scream with my presence, then I can kill them right after." The brute spat. Unfortunately, he only obeyed to the orders he was given by both the Alphess and group of individuals that sent him here. Yes, he knew it was going against Noctavia's ways of the pack with causing a fight with the Bravehearts, but to him, she should understand that it was revenge for the one he loved. Collette was dead, and there was a price to pay. Garrett balled his fists tight, stepping closer to hammer his right arm into the side of Alexander's face. Simultaneously, a boon of thunder cracked as fist met face. The skies filled with dark grey, not a star or moon in site. Perfect. The last thing he needed to slow him down.

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13 Re: Escape The Fate on Sun Jun 23, 2013 5:51 pm

( Mixing Garrett and Alex together so it goes by faster. Switching to two accounts is exhausting. )

Alex: As the sudden pressure of wind picked up, it blew passed the two brutes and wrapped around them, cocooning them with small whispers and secret tales. Alex stood his ground, already having his arms put up for a fight. But before he could throw the first official punch, the man had already cracked one into his jaw. He grunted, stumbling to his knees and trying to shake it off as the side of his face started to swell underneath. "What a dick." He mumbled, bringing himself back up quickly. Unfortunately, the weather dimmed and over on the other side, the streetlamp flickered as well as the trees started to sway. Across the skies thunder yelled at its loudest, making the air filled with newly erupted booms. Alexander charged into Garrett, tackling him to his back and forcing his knees into his chest to collapse his lungs and airway. Catching him by the male's throat, Alex punched repetitively into the side of his face like he had done many times before. He growled, snarling in the brute's face with the help of his wolf's side, Jasper. 

Garrett: "You're pathetic, give it up, brute." As his face was pounded in from the side due to the other brute on top crushing his lungs, Garrett slips his hands out and chocked him by the throat. Grunting, with all the muscle he had left along with energy, he ripped the man free, toppling on top and beating his arm into the man's nose with full force. Blood gushed from the other brute's nose, spilling down his cheeks as he began to realize he was loosing consciousness. With one last punch to his face, Garrett lifted himself to his feet, kicking the warrior's side before turning to retrieve Teimhnin's body into the back of his trunk. Carelessly he dropped the body inside, slamming the top shut. Hazel eyes darted to the figure that attempted on moving back to his feet, but quickly pulling away to get into his car. Putting in into reverse, he backed the Chrysler out onto the open road, switching to drive and speeding down to drop off what the pack wanted, a wicked smile on his face with his own satisfaction. The taste of blood in his mouth as he tasted his busted lip.

Alex: As the man beat sensuously into his head, the area around him blurred with blotches of red that hadn't been there before. He tried to grab him by the throat but he was loosing all that was left of him with energy. Jasper snarled for him to keep fighting, tearing at the sides of his mind to awaken and kill him, but it was no use. His lungs were collapsing as well as his vision. Alex coughed up blood from somewhere he wished to not to discovered, whipping the blood from his nose once the brute had gotten up. He rolled over onto his stomach, "No..Teimhnin.. I won't let you down..." And with that, he blacked out. A few minutes of agony passed, not ten or an hour but just a few before bringing himself back up to his feet. He knew no where to go but home and get help. Groping at the wall, he steadied his balanced, regaining his vision once again to see a blur of scratches down the wall's side. Alex squinted, mouthing the words..'Find Jace.' The beta male, he would help. Quickly he ran to his pick up, bothering not to leave a notice of his disappearance and revered it to life. Hearing the engine roar with life as thunder boomed above. Within seconds, rain showered over them, blinding the streets as he zoomed down the road. He promised himself that this man would be found, and he will be killed.


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