Their eyes shine in the moon’s light as they fight. Their movements are fluid, smooth, and predatory. Lean, taunt muscles lay beneath different colors of fur and sharp incisors are visible beneath black gums. Blood spatters over their beautiful coats and color the ground red as they snap, tear, and wound each other.

Fur standing on end, you approach the two groups as they pause and separate as they take notice of your presence. Two pairs of eyes stand out to you and unnerve you. Both seemed to draw the respect out of you without your consent as you lower your head and tuck your tail between your legs. Power radiated from them both, and you’re unsure whether it was the large, dark grey male with golden eyes, or the black female with bright green eyes that had the strongest air to them. They both stood across from each other, and large groups of other wolves and Werelings in human forms stand on each side behind them. All of their eyes bore into you and you stop as you stand before the two obvious leaders.

Your muscles tense and they begin to shake as your wolf side slowly draws you towards one side, your true nature, good or evil, slowly reveals itself as you make your decision. Which side will you choose? Will you choose the path of light and good? Or the path of dark and evil?

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1 Unwinding... on Sun Jun 09, 2013 1:56 pm

Warrior Melissa stood in front of her closet, one hand across her waist while the other hand tapped a single finger on her bottom lip. The simple decision on her mind was which one. She had a red one, a black one, and a grey one. She liked the grey one, it was the only one she actually felt comfortable with. But the red one was fierce and demanded attention, which was exactly what she wanted right now. Sighing, Melissa decided to just go with the black one. It was her second favorite, and it emphesized her curves. Maybe it could also grab the attention she was looking for.

Melissa tossed her dirty attire into her basket by the door before turning to her full body mirror. She fixed her twisted strap as she examined herself, fixing her curls before thrusting her arms to her sides. Just chill and get to the pool already. You. Need. To. Relax. Mel sighed heavily, doing one last check before turning away from the mirror and leaving. She made sure her door latched behind her before making her way downstairs towards the pool.


When she reached the pool she paused in the doorway. There weren't many others down here, or at least none that she knew, but that wasn't very surprising. The only two she knew were the Alpha and Beta female. It was time for her to meet new friends, forget her old life... But first she needed to relax, which was why she came here. First she would hit the hot tub, perhaps even grab a few drinks to ease her mind. Would they let her drink here? She was underage, but it wasn't like they checked ages or even put locks on the bars. Straightening her spine, Melissa slipped off her black heels, leaving them at the door as she waded through the water to the bar.

"What would you like?" Melissa pushed her hair over her shoulder, looking at the waiter wereling. "Um. Something to dull my senses, but not make me look like a drunk monkey."" Melissa laughed lightly, resting her hands on the bar as he got her drink. "Here you go Miss, best wishes to you." Mel smiled, nodded, then carryed her drink to the hot tub.

She sat on the rim around the hot tub, her legs moving slowly back in forth in the bubbly water. She sipped her drink, loving the way it felt on her lips. It was fruity and still had a slight sour taste that teased her buds. Slowly she slid into the water, sitting to where the water came just above where her rib cage started. Licking her lips, she looked down to her stomach. "I wish my belly was pierced.." Melissa mumbled slightly. Her eyes narrowed slightly, wow she sounded a bit off. Perhaps she should stop with the drink... "A refill miss?"

Mel looked up to the friendly waiter, aware he had a full view down her top. "Yes please." Mel replied, holding up her nearly empty glass.

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2 Re: Unwinding... on Sun Jun 09, 2013 9:22 pm

Alpha Jace

Waking up by the door, he looked around the dark room and smiled. She was not there, so it was time for him to do some exploring. Walking out of the room and into his, he changed into a swimsuit. Pulling his trunks on, he laced the strings at the top and tied them snugly. When he had finished, he walked over to his mirror and fixed his hair, making it more presentable than before. After running his hands through his dirty blonde hair, he smiled to himself in the mirror, admiring his abs and hard dedication for working out. When he was done, he walked out of his room with a smile. Sliding down the banister to the floor below. As he jumped off the banister, he landed, planting his feet firmly on the ground.

Walking out of the house, he eyed a large pool. He noticed the female from afar, but decided he needed a bit of cooling off before he approached her. Plus, he knew he was dead sexy when his muscles were dripping wet. With a small smirk, he dove into the pool with one quick and quiet motion. Swimming under the water, his legs kicked quietly, moving him close to the bottom of the pool, feeling the tiles against his skin. With a kick of his hind legs, he forced himself from the water. As he got out of the pool, he walked over to the bar. "I will have a Jack and coke, please." He looked to the waiter as he spoke. As he waited for his drink, he looked over the female, her body and her form.

Once he took his drink into his hand, he moved over towards her. Taking a sip as he looked down the material of her top, where her chest pressed tightly against the material. The thin material that could be easily ripped. He gave a smirk to her and spoke for her ears alone. "Why hello there. I am Beta Jace. I don't think we have met before." As he lowered himself to sit beside her, he held out his hand for a shake. The wolf looked over the female as well, wishing to be unleashed for his demises. But Jace knew better than to act foolish around a female. They enjoyed class and manners, most of the time.


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3 Re: Unwinding... on Mon Jun 10, 2013 9:48 pm

"Thank you." Melissa smiled at the waiter. He continued to stand there like an oddball and began to make Melissa uncomfortable. What was he waiting for? Her smile was gone, replaced with a frown accompanied by a light growl that even surprised herself. It worked though, and the waiter took friendly-ness back to his bar where another wolfling was waiting.

Her glaring crystal eyes had been following the waiter but she couldn't help herself from glancing at the wereling he was helping. He was male, and definately good looking. I wonder if he's a purebred... As if hearing her thoughts, the male turned to look at her. Quickly she dropped her gaze, pretending to watch her legs as they kicked beneath the water's surface. Why had that been her first thought, if he was a purebred?

Maybe it was because she hadn't met someone else like herself. As far as she knew, she could be the only bitten-wereling in the pack. Both Alpha Gabriel and Beta Tei were purebred, and Melissa didn't know anyone else. Mel had been the 2nd one to join Gabriel's pack, shortly after Tei did. But then she went into town to fix a few things that took longer than she expected. When she got back, the pack had blossomed and numbers multiplied quickly.

Her thoughts were interupted as the male wereling approached her. Suddenly it was as if she was back in highschool, first day trying to impress all the older guys. Mel wanted to reach up and fix her hair and other parts to make sure they were all in place and looking her best, but instead kept her arms below the water's surface. She looked up at him, a small flirtatious smile on her lips. He was standing where the waiter had been just minutes ago, and she doubted the view from that point had changed. Unlike the waiter, this wereling eased himself into the hot tub next to her and introduced himself.

Beta? Melissa tried not to show her surprise. Last she knew her Alpha and Lady Beta had had a thing going on between the two of them. Where Wereling ranks not like wolf pack ranks? Mel didn't know much about either, but she thought she had heard somewhere that Betas were a mated pair, just like Alphas. Maybe she was wrong. "I think I would remember you if we had." Mel took his hand, shook, then tucked a stray strand behind her ear before her hand returned underwater. "I'm Warrior Melissa, but you can call me Mel." Thanks to her mysterious drink she wasn't being 100% herself, and her last comment seemed more than just friendly. Way More.

"So what brings you to the pool Jace?" Mel smiled, glancing down at her top to make sure all was right down there. Happy with what she saw, Mel reached up behind her to take her new drink the waiter had brought over. She brought the lime-green straw to her lips, the drink sending little sparks across her tonge as it ran down her throat.

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4 Re: Unwinding... on Mon Jun 10, 2013 10:20 pm

Alpha Jace

"I don't think I could have missed a pretty little thing like you around here. But I suppose I could be wrong," he chuckled as he took a sip of his drink. She was gorgeous and mostly shy it seemed. But as he watched the straw rest gently upon her plump lips, eying it as she sucked the liquids into her mouth. Soon she would be even more friendly than she was presently. But sitting so close to her, he could smell her perfectly. She did not smell like the other werewolves of the house. She was fresh, she was turned. Bitten. Some creature had decided to turn this human into one of them, and somehow they held back the urge to kill her, to finish the job. Perhaps they planned to change her, turn her into an everlasting thing of beauty. Whatever the case may have been, she was a knockout and Jace happened to be looking for a home run.

Taking a sip from his drink, he looked to the other. "What's a gorgeous little thing like you doing as a Warrior? But Mel is a rather appealing name. It is cute and another word comes to mind." He gave her a slight wink, while taking another drink from his glass. Although he enjoyed the taste of alcohol, he had grown an immunity to it. It took many many liters of alcohol just to get him buzzed. His teenage years were good to him, allowing him to consume what he wished and when he wished it, suffering zero side effects.

"I came to the pool, seeing it was nice out. The company of a lady was also a push in the right direction, I must admit." He chuckled a bit before he looked to her, his eyes glanced over her body as if she were a grape, ready to be picked from the vine and indulged. "What brings you and this drink to the pool? Surely you did not plan to be alone."


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5 Re: Unwinding... on Tue Jun 11, 2013 12:20 pm

A slight blush rested upon Mel's cheeks as Jace continued to compliment her. She was glad he agreed to call her Mel instead of Melissa. Melissa seemed so stiff and formal, which wasn't really Mel's style. She liked relaxing, letting people meet her real self instead of some fake public appearance.

"I came to the pool, seeing it was nice out. The company of a lady was also a push in the right direction, I must admit." Mel smiled, looking up momentarily as if her skin could take charge from the sun. "Glad I could help." Mel turned her head so she could look at him sideways. She got his gaze rolling over her body, something that usually would have made her uncomfortable. But now... "What brings you and this drink to the pool? Surely you did not plan to be alone." Mel sighed, turning her face upwards again.

"Rest and Relaxation. Thought about hitting the bar and hotub first, then maybe making my way to the healer's den for a full body massage. Dealing with this new lifestyle, kind of stressful." Mel smiled slightly, revealing a hint of her troubles accidentally. "I haven't met any others besides the Alpha and Lady Beta, and now you. Seems all i can meet are the higher ranks." Mel glanced sideways at him, she didn't mean to sound offensive, but knew it was a possibility depending on how he took her comment.

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6 Re: Unwinding... on Fri Jun 14, 2013 7:54 pm

Alpha Jace

He smiled as his eyes moved over her form once more. "Well a beautiful thing like you should not be sitting, locked up inside the house, now should you? You should be exposed to the sun, giving the others something to marvel at." He smiled and took a sip from his drink, but when she had mentioned a massage, there was no way he could pass up such a beautiful possibility. The perfect chance. Jace smiled, with his devilish, yet handsome grin. He placed his glass onto the floor surrounding the hot tub. Moving slowly behind her he chuckled, "why go through the hassle of leaving such a beautiful day, when you can get that massage for free, right where you sit?" Dropping his legs to both sides of her arms, he moved the hair from her back and shoulders, revealing the soft skin and muscles which needed to be relieved. With her neck and shoulders completely exposed, he fought back the wishes of his wolf. His primal urges begged to have fun, but Jace was greedy, this much was true. There were things he would do for her, that his wolf form would not be able to. 

Rubbing his hands together, he slowly separated them and placed them upon her shoulders. Her skin was warm to the touch, alluring and gentle. She was sunkissed and ravishing. As his hands kneaded her muscles, his thumbs dug in as far as they could. Massaging her neck, his fingers rubbed up and down her form, hitting every bone and curve that her body possessed. Leaning forward, he whispered into her ear, "doesn't this feel better?" As he finished speaking, he placed a light kiss at the nape of her neck.


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7 Re: Unwinding... on Sat Jun 15, 2013 10:33 pm

Mel smiled, her eyes closed as she lightly shook her head. "You and your compliments..."  He was handing them out as if they were candy, and she a young child. But it wasn't so bad, she was enjoying his attention. It wasn't like she was getting much from anyone else... Mel thought to herself, a specific male in mind. She felt a shift in the water and opened her eyes to see what the male was doing.

Before she could protest Beta Jace was already behind her and moving her hair. "That feels...amazing." Mel spoke as his thumbs dub into the mess of knots that lie within her back, pausing slightly as he connected with a huge one. Her whole body tensed, and released as he began to work his magic along her neck. This was one of her most sensitive spots, and it sent chills, the good kind, up her spine as he massaged the area. The chills made her head a little dizzy, but it felt so good she didn't make any move to stop him.

"Doesn't this feel better?" His words were whispered gently in her ear as his hands moved towards her lower back, light as a feather. She made a sound of pleasure, and barely felt his lips as they planted a kiss on her lower neck. She laughed lightly, this time more like a slow, seductive giggle. "You really know how to treat a girl, don't you..." Melissa spoke low enough so that she could barely be heard over the hot tub jets. She was definately relaxed now, thanks to her special drink and Beta Jace's hands.

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8 Re: Unwinding... on Mon Jun 17, 2013 9:51 am

Alpha Jace

Continuing the kneading with his hands, he moved more of his lips to her skin, kissing her neck gently. He could feel himself becoming more and more aroused from this. Slowly, he pushed her from the edge and lowered himself between her and the wall of the hot tub. "Oh, I know exactly what women want," he whispered close to her ear as he nibbled on her lob gently. His hands moved down the curves of her sides, feeling her heated skin in the warmth of the water. The noises she made were alluring, causing the brute to do more with her. His kisses turned to bites and raking his teeth across her skin. While his hands moved to her front, feeling her tight stomach and working his way down to the material that wrapped around her lower region. "Do you wish to have some fun?" he asked in a sexual tone. As he waited for her reply, his hands stroked the inner of her things, letting her know exactly what he wanted, what he needed from her. His bites became harder and his hips gently moved against her ass, rubbing himself against her.


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9 Re: Unwinding... on Mon Jun 17, 2013 4:55 pm

Melissa giggled lightly as he nibbled and kissed her, continueing the massage. Slowly his hands moved around her front, and his  kisses came from his teeth instead of his lips. Her eyes were now open, and she bit her bottom lip gently. His fingers played with the strings that held her bikini bottoms in place, and Melissa fought hard to hold back a shiver. His nose grazed her neck as he spoke to her, his hands moving further down her body. Her breathing was shorter and her heart was racing, she understood his intentions perfectly. Her wolf begged for Mel to take him up on his offer, for she hadn't had the chance to do it since she had completed the change. She wondered what it might be like...

A small moan was released from her lips as he moved his hips against her rear. She slowly turned around, not at all moving out of his reach. "I've never done it in a hot tub before..." Mel smiled a sexy half smile as she wrapped her arms around his neck. Her lips brushed his, teasing him. His hands were on her ass now, and she pushed herself against him. Just a taste... She told herself, kissing him softly. He responded nearly imediatly, and the kiss grew to an intense flame. She slowly brought her legs up and wrapped them around his waist. She moved her lips away from his, a small moan escaping her as she moved her hips against his. Damn he feels good. He definately knew what he was doing, and Mel regretted her final decision, but did not stray. One hand lie on Jace's chest as his fingers pulled on the strings that lie at her hips. Suddenly her other hand grasped a handful of his hair, jerking his head backwards as she pushed against his chest, shoving his backwards.

"But I'll have to pass." Melissa glared at the Beta Male. He reeked of other women, their scents all over his mouth. Mel stalked away, refastening the string that held her bottoms together. She would not be another toy for him to play with.

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