Their eyes shine in the moon’s light as they fight. Their movements are fluid, smooth, and predatory. Lean, taunt muscles lay beneath different colors of fur and sharp incisors are visible beneath black gums. Blood spatters over their beautiful coats and color the ground red as they snap, tear, and wound each other.

Fur standing on end, you approach the two groups as they pause and separate as they take notice of your presence. Two pairs of eyes stand out to you and unnerve you. Both seemed to draw the respect out of you without your consent as you lower your head and tuck your tail between your legs. Power radiated from them both, and you’re unsure whether it was the large, dark grey male with golden eyes, or the black female with bright green eyes that had the strongest air to them. They both stood across from each other, and large groups of other wolves and Werelings in human forms stand on each side behind them. All of their eyes bore into you and you stop as you stand before the two obvious leaders.

Your muscles tense and they begin to shake as your wolf side slowly draws you towards one side, your true nature, good or evil, slowly reveals itself as you make your decision. Which side will you choose? Will you choose the path of light and good? Or the path of dark and evil?

Venantium or Eternals?

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Eternal Darkness
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Toxic Teimhnin

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1 Toxic Teimhnin on Sun Mar 24, 2013 6:46 pm

Name: Teimhnin (T-Yev-Uh-Neen)




Summary: Teimhnin is a fiery redhead with an attitude to match. Her hair is a weird red, flowing down to the middle of her back in waves. Teimhnin's eyes are a stormy gray that fade to white by the pupils.  She was born to her pack's greatest warrior and hunter, taking her fathers features. Her body is curved, with long legs. She usually sticks to wearing black combat boots, skinny or regular jeans, and t-shirts. A long, black leather duster reaches to nearly her ankles, and it is her favorite thing to wear. Six piercings are in her left ear, while her right has ten. A Celtic half-moon is on her upper arm, her family crest that is tattooed into all wolves once they are able to shift. Teimhnin is a pure white wolf, having the same color eyes as she does in her human form and stands 9 feet tall.  

From an early age, Teimhnin was trained to be a warrior.  At the age of six, her father had to train her with daggers. As she grew, her father trained her to use both guns and daggers. She excelled in hand to hand combat.

When Teimhnin was ten, her mother died by the hand of someone from a different pack. She made it her focus to find whoever murdered her mother and kill them. All of her time was spent into fighting and training, quickly becoming one of the most dangerous shifters her pack had.

As Teimhnin grew, so did the males of her pack. They chased after her like little pups. Teimhnin just rolled her eyes whenever one got up the courage to hit on her. Their antics were nothing to her, what she lived for was the clubs. Every night, Teimhnin hit the dance clubs and didn't leave until the early morning hours. Human males found her irresistible, and Teimhnin had a new male dance partner for every song. She never had relationships with any of them or males in her pack. She covered up how closed off she was with arrogance, but not once did she lie to those she did care about.

When she hit the age of 19, Teimhnin peacefully left her pack to find the one that killed her mother, and she was successful. Teimhnin knew she couldn't just walk over and kill him outright, he was a Beta and doing that would most likely end up with her death. She knew that the Alpha was smart enough to suspect a female coming into his pack and demanding his Beta's attention. Instead she asked for acceptance like any other newcomer. Being a warrior for the pack, Teimhnin stayed around the Beta as much as possible and pretending to genuinely love the one who murdered her mother. He fell in love with her after half a year, and the night they were supposed to be mated was when her plan unfolded.

Teimhnin had grown close enough to the beta to know what he ate, and she poisoned him. When she was sure he was dead, she took off and ran. The pack found their Beta dead and his soon to be mate gone. In anger, they tried their best to hunt her down. Teimhnin has been running ever since.


Joining Keys: Accepted

Human Photo:

Wolf Photo:

Example Post: The red head walked down the sidewalk of the town like she had always lived there. There was only was reason she had come to this boring place, and that was a call. All around the country, Teimhnin had 'friends'. Just last week one had called, telling her the recent location of the ones who were hunting her Teimhnin knew they were running in search of her, but what they didn't know that she was following them.

Walking past a band of teenage boys, their hoots and whistles were lost on her ears. They were obviously drunk, and Teimhnin knew the effect she had on males. One of the boys had the drunken courage to spank her as she walked by. That got a response from the female. She span around, quickly breaking the groper's wrist and walking away without a second thought. The boy's scream of pain didn't even phase her.

The scent of Roy hit her nose, and she turned into a dark alley to meet him. Ever since she had killed the Beta, Teimhnin was being rewarded by her old pack for his death. Money was sent to her every week, though she refused to take it at first. Now, she had an envelope full of bills as she walked up to Roy. "What have you got for me, Roy? Make this quick so I can get out of here." Roy was startled at her voice, and Teimhnin almost forgot that he was a human and couldn't hear her step up behind him. When he had gotten over his shock, Roy spoke. "They are in England it seems. Looking in the states hasn't seemed to cross their mind yet, but it is only a matter of time Claire." To Roy, Claire was her name. She had a different name for each of her informants, only one knew her true name.

"Thank you, Roy. Here is your money but before you go, I have a few questions for you."
Walking closer to him, Teimhnin grabbed him by the front of his shirt and lifted the man off of the ground. "I know you betrayed me, Roy. I know that you were planning to inform them of where I was, but I just don't know why. There are more informants than just you, so I would've eventually known you had betrayed me. I'm afraid you know too much, Roy." His begs and pleas were lost on her ears. Setting him on the ground, she quickly held his head in a firm grip. With a snap of her arms, Roy was dead.

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2 Re: Toxic Teimhnin on Sun Mar 24, 2013 6:48 pm

Accepted and gah she'll make an awesome Alphess someday!

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3 Re: Toxic Teimhnin on Wed Mar 27, 2013 8:06 pm

Thanks!! I changed her eyecolor because I decided that both blue and green was too bright.

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