Their eyes shine in the moon’s light as they fight. Their movements are fluid, smooth, and predatory. Lean, taunt muscles lay beneath different colors of fur and sharp incisors are visible beneath black gums. Blood spatters over their beautiful coats and color the ground red as they snap, tear, and wound each other.

Fur standing on end, you approach the two groups as they pause and separate as they take notice of your presence. Two pairs of eyes stand out to you and unnerve you. Both seemed to draw the respect out of you without your consent as you lower your head and tuck your tail between your legs. Power radiated from them both, and you’re unsure whether it was the large, dark grey male with golden eyes, or the black female with bright green eyes that had the strongest air to them. They both stood across from each other, and large groups of other wolves and Werelings in human forms stand on each side behind them. All of their eyes bore into you and you stop as you stand before the two obvious leaders.

Your muscles tense and they begin to shake as your wolf side slowly draws you towards one side, your true nature, good or evil, slowly reveals itself as you make your decision. Which side will you choose? Will you choose the path of light and good? Or the path of dark and evil?

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A Wolf's Pure Rapture (Teimhnin)

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1 A Wolf's Pure Rapture (Teimhnin) on Sun Mar 24, 2013 6:35 pm

A lone figure sat in a booth in the corner of the club. His head was down, his chin length brown hair obscuring a handsome face. Two golden eyes could be seen staring from between the hair, looking for what, not even Gabriel had a clue. For a few days now he'd been standing under the moon in the woodlands, throwing his head back to give an alpha's howl in the hope of attracting new packmates. He'd been a loner too long and now that he had everything a pack needed he was ready to become the leader his father had raised him to be.

Raising his hand he brushed his hair out of his face as the loud music vibrated through his chest which was visible by his only halfway buttoned up white shirt. Strong muscles rippled in his arms and chst as he leaned back and gave the club one last glance over before standing to move towards the bar up front, deciding that a drink of water wouldn't distract him long.

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2 Re: A Wolf's Pure Rapture (Teimhnin) on Sun Mar 24, 2013 7:51 pm

The pounding of music could be heard from at least three blocks away, alerting Teimhnin of a club nearby. Ever since coming to this town, she hadn't once seen or heard of a club. Now that had found one, she wasn't going to waste the opportunity to dance. Walking quickly, her black, leather combat boots thudded across the ground as she walked. The closer she got, the more the pounding of the bass vibrated through her body. This was her kind of place, and Teimhnin went into the bass-pounding club without a second thought.

Teimhnin wasn't dressed in her usual clothing. The motel she was staying at now held all of her normal clothing. Instead of her black skinny jeans, she was wearing torn up and frayed onyx shorts that went to her mid-thigh. Instead of a bad t-shirt she wore a crimson, purposefully torn up tank top graced her upper torso. Where the top was torn, shiny black cloth showed beneath it. No matter her appearance, there were five throwing knives in each of her boots. Her beloved dagger was hidden in a thigh sheath that was hidden in the black material of her shorts. It had been her goal to find a place like the one she was in now. Music pounded into her ears, tempting her to go on the dance floor and get lost in its pounding beat.

Choosing to get a drink first, the red head made her way to the bar. Almost immediately, the pure white wolf her stirred. Alerted, Teimhnin looked for the cause of her wolf's surprise and found it in the direction she was headed. He was at the bar, his dark brown hair keeping her from seeing his eyes. Just from where she was standing, she could tell he had the perfect amount of muscle. Teimhnin herself had hard muscles, barely and ounce of fat on her body. She had curves, but was tall enough that they worked wonderfully for her. Her hair was naturally crimson, flowing pin straight all the way down to her hips. Teimhnin's right eye was a bright emerald color, the left a fiery sapphire. The white wolf withing her was jumping for joy at finding another like her, but she ignored it.

Sashaying up to the bar, Teimhnin sat next to the muscled male. It wasn't hard for her to gain the bartender's attention, for he was male and she was an angelic looking woman. Ordering dark red wine, she turned around and reclined back on her elbows to survey the club. Neon colored lights flashed, hitting the different colored eyes and making them glow. The dance floor practically called to her, but she made herself wait. Taking the glass, she quickly drank half of the wine before looking at the dark haired male next to her. She wondered if he knew she was a shifter like him.

Standing up to her full height, she quickly became lost within the beat to the song. Walking to the dance floor, Teimhnin was quickly crowded by human males who wished to dance with her. The red head laughed, choosing a wiry built human male as her first partner. She danced with him, not even bothered as the human's hands ran over her body and how his body was plastered up against her's. She was lost in the beat of the music, but that didn't keep her from glancing at the dark haired shifter brute at the bar every once in a while. The wolf within her watched him the whole time as she danced, wondering if he knew that just a few feet away from him was another shifter like him.

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3 Re: A Wolf's Pure Rapture (Teimhnin) on Sun Mar 24, 2013 8:30 pm

She sat at the end of the bar, a forearm on the the table and her other hand twirling her straw in the clear glassed alcoholic beverage. Noctavia's piercing green eyes had been watching the two from a far, knowing that both were shifters from the time they walked in. Their stench practically poured off their slim bodies. She had a liking into the female shifter with the combat boots. However, the male she already knew.

Gabriel Braveheart, Alpha of the Braveheart pack, the name echoed in a hissing voice through her thoughts. Obsidian hair flowed down her back stopping just below the end of her spine in bouncy waves. The music that pounded through the stereos around Rapture vibrated through the ground, causing her blood to boil with irritation. Her eyes watched the female leave, then gazing back at the other Alpha, for she too was an Alpha of a more sinister pack.

Her black sneaker kicked the bar getting the baretender's attention immediately, the man scurried over then peering down at her with a tad of fear behind his dark brown hues. Noctavia's one eye was covered by black bangs as she spoke, nodding to Gabriel at the other end. "Give the man over there a Cosmo, on me." She slid a five dollar bill over the counter, revealing her forearms laced in tattoos. The bartender took the bill and rushed back to his station, making the drink like she requested.

Noctavia's gaze went to the dancing women being fawned over in the center of the brightly colored dance floor. She had a lean body, covered in small clothing in which she pulled off quite nicely. The Alphess herself had an impressive build as well. She wore her hair down like normal, nails painted in ebony black like the wolf within her. Noctavia wore a black, see-through laced top with a small piece of blue fabric covering her chest underneath. Her legs were bare from her ankles stopping to the mid of her thighs where denim washed ripped shorts resided on hollow pale hips.

Looking back, she watched the bartender give the drink to Gabriel, her expression only showing emerald eyes with a sense of evil and a crooked smile. She was hoping for the Alpha to recognize her, but it was doubtful. Noctavia knew he wouldn't know her for she was far more intelligent than any of the Bravehearts and always knew any history of a close pack before her next move.


Character(s): Guardian Alexander, Doctor Vitani
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4 Re: A Wolf's Pure Rapture (Teimhnin) on Sun Mar 24, 2013 9:00 pm

Gabriel reached up to pinch the bridge of his nose as he sat on the stool at the bar. He could feel the eyes of many appreciative glances moving over him but he ignored him. His head was starting to hurt and he slowly took in a deep breath, wishing he could have the fresh scent of his woodlands, but instead got the smell of sweat, perfume, and other smells unrecongizable to him. He sighed and tilted his head back as he drank the rest of the water. It was then the hair at the back of his neck rose and he heard the stool next to him swivel a little. The wolf in him strained against its restraints within his mind. Curios Gabriel looked at the girl out of the coner of his eyes in pure curiosity.

It was then he felt like he'd been kicked in his chest and a fine tremor went down his spine as his wolf struggled to surface. With years of experince he pushed his wolf side down, but for once in his hundreds of years he was having trouble. His wolf was chanting 'mine, mine, mine' over and over within his mind which irritated Gabriel. Sure the female was beautiful, the kind of girl he'd hook up with for one night, but the fact that his wolf seemed to go awry around her wasn't good.

Taking a deep breath he was then assulted by her scent. His left hand clenched his knee as he slowly gained control once more. Before he could lose it the girl got up and went to the dance floor, unaware of the other pair of eyes on him.

Gabriel raised a brow as the bartender brought him a drink, gestering to another pretty woman further down the bar. Gabriel's piercing gold eyes studied her, the hairs on the back of his neck rising in warning as his wolf side recongized another of their kind. He nodded to her and then sat silently for a few moments as he finished the drink then stood. He couldn't help but look to see if he could find the other werewolf that'd teased his self control.

Some kind of anger flared in Gabriel as he saw the girl dancing with the other males. He managed to keep his face impassive though, but was shocked he couldn't seem to keep a handle on his own emotions tonight. He resented the fact that he could leave well enough alone and leave the club, but he couldn't help but do what he did next.

Walking confidently onto the dance floor he ignored a few girls that approached him. His firey golden eyes remained on the female as he moved up behind the wiry boy. Placing a hand on his shoulder he gave him a dark smile that would send a chill down even a demon's spine. "I believe it's my turn." Without a second glance at the boy he moved him aside, careful of his strentgh.

He turned a cocky smile onto the female werewolf before moving to take the other guys place. "Hope you don't mind little wolf."

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5 Re: A Wolf's Pure Rapture (Teimhnin) on Sun Mar 24, 2013 10:47 pm

The bass beat, the floor vibrated, sweat dripped off of the humans save for one. But she wasn't human. Teimhnin danced with her wiry, dark haired partner. His body was pressed up against hers, his hands on her hips as she swayed them to the beat. Teimhnin didn't care, lost in all of the commotion and sound of the music. Her long, crimson hair shimmered and whipped around as she danced. It was her intentions to take a new partner, but her wolf was so focused on the male shifter that Teimhnin danced with the same human for more than one song. If he tried to pull anything later, she could easily break every bone in his body. Whoever she danced with, she got rid of later.

As the crowd became larger, Teimhnin was now dancing with a multitude of human males. They all tried to grope her, but she span quickly away before they could even lay a hand on her. Her original partner was in the middle of the group with her, hands still trailing over her was they danced. She may have been lost in the music, but she did notice when her partners switched. Teimhnin could tell that her wiry partner was now gone, so she span quickly around to see who would claim the next dance with the crimson-headed female. As she span, her eyes met fiery golden ones. Her wolf practically howled inside of her, but her heart had stopped.

Before her stood the male shifter she'd seen before, but had never looked into his eyes. Sure he looked hot to her when she had first saw him, but now it was different. Her wolf was completely awake, practically scratching to be freed. Teimhnin shushed her wolf, calming down and looking into the male's fiery eyes with her stormy ones. As the lights flashed, the white flecks in her gray eyes lit up like lightning. Her eyes looked up at the male, not showing surprise or even fear. No, all her eyes held was a smirk.

Completely in control of her wolf now, Teimhnin flicked her crimson hair off of her shoulder with her hand. In the colored lights it practically glowed. At the male's words, Teimhnin smirked. Rising up a small bit, she spoke in her sly voice. "Oh, I don't mind at all shifter boy." Snaking her arms behind his neck, Teimhnin continued to dance with him. If he wanted to talk to her, he would have to do it while they danced.

Unlocking her hands from behind his neck, Teimhnin ran them down his muscled arms. The whole time her hips swayed to the beat, dancing even though she felt a pull to be as close to the male as she could get in the crowd. As her hands reached his wrists, they grasped tightly. She would've already had broken all of the tiny bones if he hadn't of been a shifter, her grip was that tight. Still keeping his hands away from her body, Teimhnin went up onto her toes to whisper in his ear. "What do you want with me, shifter? I am not good at behaving, even worse when it's just for chit chat." Smirking, Teimhnin acted as if nothing had happened. Her hips still swayed to the beat, and now her hands were running back up his muscled arms and to his chest. Pushing away from him, she gave a teasing smirk as she danced with the group of males they had once again gathered around her. Her eyes were on the shifter male the whole time, waiting to see what his next move would be.

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6 Re: A Wolf's Pure Rapture (Teimhnin) on Mon Mar 25, 2013 10:37 pm

Gabriel was more then tempted to break the female's grip upon his wrists and pull her close, but manners imprinted within his mind kept him from doing so, so he just danced with a slight smirk upon his face as he danced. A trail of fire seemed to follow her hands as they moved over his arms, but he showed no outward appearance of it. The shock of seeing the female's stormy eyes silenced him and he struggled on how to introduce her into his pack.

As she spoke then moved away however he gave a seductive smile that had some of the girls around him swooning. "I don't mind rule breakers." He gave a slight shrug, watching as she moved away and was once again surrounded by guys. He tried to take a step forward, but females moved forward like a bees to honey and he was suddenly surrounded by girls. A moment of irritation swept through him before he smiled. Fine, if the female wanted to play her teasing game, so could he. Picking a small pretty brunette from the group he easily wrapped his hands about her waist before dancing closely with her, but he only gave the barest of touches, knowing that the more he kept away the more the girl would want.

He looked up at the female's words, but couldn't reply now that they were a distance away. He frowned, knowing he couldn't keep this game going without revealing what they really were. Or sounding foolish. With an ease from centuries of attending balls, and parties he moved the girl away and into the arms of another. Giving the girls before him the iciest look he could muster they moved out of his way as he also broke through the guys surrounding the female werewolf. Grabbing her waist and pulling her close as he danced. "I can't speak to you around these humans without you close." He gave a sly smile. "Not that I mind much."

Shaking his head his face suddenly turned a little serious. "I'm looking for packmates, and thought you'd fit in well." He smiled at her, his eyes daring her to accept before darting up to glare and scare away some males that tried to take his place. His grip on her tightened and brought her almost possesivly closer as a soft growl rumbled through his chest.

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7 Re: A Wolf's Pure Rapture (Teimhnin) on Tue Mar 26, 2013 10:58 am

The group of males kept her from looking at the shifter anymore. The humans were all rather taller then her, their hands running along her torso as she danced. Teimhnin didn't have a care in the world at that moment. The beat to the new song had the floor vibrating, and she moved in perfect rhythm with it. As she span, one of the humans had the terrible idea of grabbing her. He pulled her close, grinding along with her swaying hips. The way the human tried to take control of her was not okay witch Teimhnin. Taking his hand from where he held her, she snapped the bones in his finger like they were twigs. The human male's screams were lost on the overpowering sounds of the music. Smirking, she watched as the groper practically ran off of the dance floor. Turning back to the group of males, Teimhnin continued along with her dancing.

As she was spinning, the crimson-headed shifter could just see the golden eyed male her wolf howled for. He was dancing with a small, pretty brunette. A soft growl worked up in her as her wolf became irritated, but Teimhnin held it back. Her different colored eyes narrowed, immediately thinking of all the ways she could break the little brunette's bones. Realizing that she was thinking way too possessively, Teimhnin shook her head to clear it. Swaying her hips once again, she danced and got lost in the beat.

The feeling of hands gripping her waist alerted her that she was being pulled from her group of human males. Turning, she saw those gorgeous, fiery gold eyes once again. He was dancing closely with her, and she could tell he was about to speak. The smirk on his face was a little too cocky for her style, and she decided that this male needed his confidence knocked down a notch or two.

Moving away from him slightly, she swayed her hips and danced with him. Teimhnin kept her distance, keeping him from touching her. If he thought he could have anything her wanted, Teimhnin was going to show him that he couldn't have her unless he worked for it. When she heard him ask about her joining his pack, she arched brow questioninly. Smirking, she spoke. "So my suspicions are confirmed, you are an Alpha. Well, shifter boy, what could you possibly offer me that would persuade me to join? As you can see I tend to break the rules, among other things....." Teimhnin gestured to the guy with an ice pack by the bar. The one whose finger she had broken only minutes ago. Smirking, she kept her distance and swirled her hips. A whistle came from one of the human males behind her, and she turned her head to smile seductively. Turning her eyes back the the shifter Alpha, she waited for him to speak.

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8 Re: A Wolf's Pure Rapture (Teimhnin) on Wed Mar 27, 2013 6:21 pm

Gabriel tilted his head and brushed his hair out of his face in slight annoyance. He'd have to get it cut, again. For some reason his hair didn't like staying short for too long.

Watching the she wolf with bright golden eyes he watched her silently for a moment, not commenting and allowing her to move away. He didn't have the energy at the moment to fight anyway, for he'd stayed awake for a week now. He'd became resltess, and just plain depressed at having no one around. It was never good for a wolf to be alone too long, or a werewolf tended to get a tad bit suicidal, as Gabriel had figured out as soon as he'd got tired of living under his father's shadow.

Mentally shaking himself out of his memories he gave her a charming smile. "What I can offer you is a high rank, food, shelter, companionship, and saftey. I assure you that I've got everything a pack needs and plenty of woodland to run and hunt in." He lowered his head and smiled at her as he looked at her from under lashes in an innocent expression. "And you wouldn't want to hurt my feelings, would you?" His smile soon turned playful though, before dissapearing with surprise as he was suddenly seperated from the red headed she-wolf.

A sliver of annoyance flashed through Gabriel's eyes as the brunnette he'd danced with earlier smiled seductivly up at him and danced with him, practically molding herself to him. Lightly and quickly her fingers undid the three buttons holding his white shirt closed and ran her hands along his chest. Gabriel raised a brow but gave his own dark smile and his eyes darted to the red headed she-wolf to see what her answer to his question would be.

(Mmm.... I think I have an idea for this mystery brunnette. *new idea hatches in head for a new charrie* Just to give Tei a little compeition. XD)

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9 Re: A Wolf's Pure Rapture (Teimhnin) on Wed Mar 27, 2013 8:59 pm

As she danced, Teimhnin listened to the Alpha speak. What he was offering her was nothing short of acceptable, and the temptation of a high rank was great. He seemed to take his role as an Alpha seriously, which slightly impressed her. His charming smile probably made other girls swoon, but not her. He had no idea the amounts of weapons she had hidden on her, just to keep herself safe. That little innocent expression was lost on her as she looked at him, stormy eyes narrowed. It would be great to join a new pack, and she was just about to say so before he was pulled away from her.

A soft growl came from her when she realized it was the same brunette he had been dancing with before. Teimhnin could see the annoyance on his face vanish as the brunette ran her hands across his bare chest. Teimhnin's eyes narrowed further, and it wasn't just her that was annoyed. Her wolf was practically bristling at the sight of what was in front of her, wanting to tear the brunette to shreds. Taking a deep breath, she shook her head. Her crimson hair flashed in the light, practically showing the anger she felt at what was in front of her eyes. Teimhnin didn't get jealous very often, she just got enraged. Her pale cheeks flushed with color, adding more to her angelic looks. With a sway of her hips, Teimhnin walked towards the brunette.

Gripping the little brunette's upper arm, Teimhnin dragged her way from the shifter male. Giving the brunette a look that could kill, she watched in satisfaction as the little brunette scurried away in fear. Turning back to the male, she spoke. "It would be nice to have a place to call home, so I will accept your offer. But before I am officially anything, I would like to know my Alpha's name and what rank I will be." Teimhnin looked in annoyance that the little brunette had unbuttoned his shirt before the red headed shifter had dragged her away. Looking at his bare chest, she got the urge to run her hands across his skin. Instead, she just hooked her arms around his neck and moved her body so it was only inches away from his. She continued to dance, her hips swaying as she looked up into the Alpha's eyes with her own stormy ones.

(( XD I can't say Tei will like it, but do what ya want. ))

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10 Re: A Wolf's Pure Rapture (Teimhnin) on Thu Mar 28, 2013 11:00 pm

Gabriel's movements slowed until he was just standing still in the mass of moving bodies. His golden eyes watched with an expressionless face as the red headed she-wolf scared the small brunette away. He opened his mouth to say something but shut it, not knowing if he was going to protest or simply tease her. His golden eyes were serious and curios, but the playful light within them soon returned as she moved to dance with him.

His body relaxed and he began to dance again, his expression still curios but deciding not to question her. He himself had yet to figure out why he got ate up with jealousy when he saw other males with the she-wolf, so he wasn't about to question her just yet. Raising his hand to trail it down an arm wrapped around his neck he snapped out of his clamering mind and quickly answered her questions.

"My name is Gabriel. The rank you'll be taking is beta female, my right hand." He raised a brow and raised a hand to gently pull on the end of her red hair. "That is if you think you're tough enough." Oh Gabriel knew for a fact that she was, he just wanted to be sure she thought herself strong enough first. Gabriel's golden eyes searched and studied her face, watching for any emotions. Something Gabriel had gotten good at over the years and reading body language and facial expressions. It was, after all, how real wolves communicated in the wild.

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11 Re: A Wolf's Pure Rapture (Teimhnin) on Fri Mar 29, 2013 12:16 am

Where his hand touched her felt like a wave of shock, but she paid no notice to it. Teimhnin learned to never, ever show emotion unless it was with someone she trusted. No matter how her wolf reacted, Teimhnin would not let this male see any sign of weakness in her. When he spoke of her being Beta, she couldn't help how her stormy eyes lit up. The title of Beta was always desired by her, and the fact that is was now being offered was exciting. If she were in her wolf form, her long tail would have been wagging. Looking up into his fiery golden eyes, she gave him a real smile. It wasn't a smirk, but a smile that went all the way to her eyes.

Realizing at what she was doing, Teimhnin made her face once again impassive. The light in her eyes wouldn't go away though, happy that such a high rank would be offered. Clearing her throat softly, she spoke. "It would be an honor to take such a rank as Beta, Alpha Gabriel." Her head tilted back, as her pulled on her crimson hair. She was now looking at him fully in the face, her shorter height making her tilt her head back more since she was so close to him. Their bodies were not touching, but it was close enough for her to have to look up. When he asked her if she was tough enough to handle such a rank, Teimhnin gave him a half smirk half smile. "Of course I am, being your right hand shouldn't be very hard for me. I just need a real person to train on for my fighting, I cannot become less of a fighter just because I am in a pack. The one I will practice on has to make it difficult for me, so I can further my abilities." It was true, she could not let herself grow soft. Not having trained with anyone in a while was already starting put her off of her game, but no more.

As they danced, her fingers toyed with the hair at the back of his neck. It was just something to keep her hands from running across the bare skin of his chest. Looking at his muscled torso was too unbearable for her, so she focused on his eyes instead. Her fingers sifter through the longish, dark brown hair at the back of his head. Teimhnin didn't even realize she was doing it, but the soft texture was hypnotizing.

Snapping out of her reverie, she quickly remembered something. "Oh! You probably want to know my name, don't you? I am Teimhnin, Alpha, and your new Beta." Grinning slyly, she twirled around until she was facing him again. Her crimson hair swaying as she moved to the rhythm of the song. Teimhnin could dance forever, it was the only escape.

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12 Re: A Wolf's Pure Rapture (Teimhnin) on Fri Mar 29, 2013 12:42 am

Gabriel's usually cocky and smug face softened as he saw the excitement and light within the girls face and eyes. An unexplainable emotion flickered across his face before it dissapeared as it was replaced by indifference. His eyes darted to her mouth as she smiled and he felt warmth spread through his veins and an affection he hadn't expected. His spine stiffened but relaxed as he got reign of his emotions. It wasn't anything, he assured himself, just the same attraction he felt for any other pretty girl. He couldn't help but feel like he was lying to himself though, but he quickly shot out of his reverie as she spoke.

Gabriel laughed at her comment and smiled at her, his teeth sharp slightly at the tips as they shifted slightly to that of a wolf's. "I'd be glad to be your punching bag, but I must warn that I don't hold back, not even for girls."

Gabriel became suddenly aware of her playing with his hair. He wiped his face clean of emotion and continued dancing, but found he couldn't really concentrate. The feeling of just the tips of her fingers seemed to set him aflame. His eyes darted to her lips again as he imagined himself dipping his head and kissing her. At the thought he abruptly stopped dancing, but didn't move away from her.

"I'm tired of the loud music and I need to go patrol my border. Would my new Beta like to join me?" He reached up to distangle her hands, hurriedly, but he paused as he held both in his hands and brought them up to his lips as he kissed them, keeping his eyes locked with hers as he gave her a playful smile before letting her hands go.

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13 Re: A Wolf's Pure Rapture (Teimhnin) on Fri Mar 29, 2013 2:01 am

When Gabriel said he was willing to be her 'punching bag', Teimhnin smirked. "I need someone to not go easy on me, my Alpha. You being my 'punching bag' should work, since you seem confident in your abilities." Teimhnin smiled as well, her pretty little canines lengthening to become those of her wolf's. Her stormy eyes flashed dangerously, being as playful as he was to her.

When he stopped dancing suddenly, so did she. It irritated her slightly, but looked confused when her Alpha kept looking at her like that. It was like his expression bordered between emotionless and not. His facial expressions were baffling to her, but it just made her more curious. Her eyes darted all over the planes of his face, being struck by his eyes the most. She had always loved the eyes of lions, and now they seemed to be reflected in him.

When he spoke again, Teimhnin listened seriously. Of course she wanted to go to the borders. She was already bringing her hands from his neck when she felt him hold them and bring them to his lips. Teimhnin's eyes widened as he kissed her hands, not used to such an act. Keeping her eyes locked on his, she had no idea how she was supposed to reply. Teimhnin's mouth almost opened several times, but she shut it at each response she planned to give. The male had rendered her speechless, nothing more and nothing less.

Giving up on responding to his gesture, Teimhnin nodded. "Yes, I would like to assist my Alpha in the task of patrolling the borders." Grinning once again, she span around and walked off towards the bar. Smiling sedictively at a guy with a shot glass, she took it from his hand. Knocking back the glass, she drank the contents of the glass. The human male was still staring at her adoringly, not even noticing she had just stole his drink. Smirking at the human, she span and walked to the exit of the club.

Looking at Gabriel, she smirked. "Are you coming?"

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